Dorm Wall Decor

Personalize your dorm space with custom wall decor, featuring your family, pets, or friends. These unique art prints bring a touch of home to your dorm, creating a warm and familiar environment with memories that matter most to you.

Treasured Photos As Dorm Wall Decor

Create a homely atmosphere in your dorm with our Dorm Wall Decor collection, turning everyday snapshots into artful memories. Our collection is thoughtfully designed for students wanting to add a personal, artistic touch to their living space.

Homely Aesthetics.

The Instant Film Poster beautifully captures memories of home and college life, displaying everything from family gatherings to campus fun in an engaging and stylish way.

A Collage of College Life.

Our 4 Moments and 12 Moments Posters are perfect for depicting the various stages of your college journey. From quiet study sessions to lively dorm parties, these prints artfully bring your experiences to your walls.

Retro Vibes.

With our Film Negative Poster, add a touch of nostalgia to your dorm decor. Choose a beloved image and see it transformed into a chic black and white film negative design, adding a classic feel to modern memories.

Inspirational Art.

The Affirmation Poster in our Dorm Wall Decor collection allows you to pair a meaningful photo with an inspiring quote, creating a unique and trendy addition to your dorm room.

Expertly Framed.

Each piece from Fabric Film Studio is framed in premium hardwood, available in various finishes to complement your dorm's style. Printed on high-quality paper, these artworks elevate beyond mere decorations to become cherished mementos of your college days.

Turn your dorm into a personalized gallery with Dorm Wall Decor, specially curated to bring the warmth and comfort of home to your college experience.